Project Scrap Book

This page is intended to capture ideas, as they arise…..

24th December 2015

I am thinking about Workshop 4 and wondering if I should recap work on exploring instruments and sound, then connect exploratory work into working with ‘London Tube’ graphic score before leading into an opportunity to create a musical response to one of my Picasso or Lichtenstein postcards?

Thinking about the facial expressions of the young children participating in Nurture Group project during exploring instruments work and the facial expressions of student Jazz musicians during performance. The musical engrossment and connection to music is, for me, no different.

27th December 2015

Is teaching the art of balance? Recently, I have been thinking about a few of the responses that I have received from HAE student learners in relation to our group music making workshops together. It is interesting to hear what one learner may describe as challenging or musically limiting as what another learner may describe as most engaging. How do I, as a teacher, facilitator accommodate all of the different learning preferences, styles and tastes? Is it a question of balance?

14th January 2016

For workshop 4, I am wondering about combining ‘Exploring Instruments’ activities with building up a rhythmic/melodic piece through layering of ‘Names’ of group participants before moving on to a more open activity of making a musical responses to visual stimuli – graphic score or postcard?