Music Making in Nurture Groups

Creative Group Music Making in Nurture Groups

In September of this year, I began to lead workshops for my Nurture Group Music Making Project which is funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative’s Access to Music Making Fund. The Nurture Group Music Making project is for young children in a Nurture Group within their Primary School. Work is centered on nurturing a young child’s confidence, self-esteem and positive behaviour through active engagement in creative group music making.

One of the participating Nurture Groups has been tweeting about our work over this term. These photographs were taken during a music making workshop with the children and their parents and teachers. In this workshop, we were working with percussion instruments, exploring new sounds as we made music for sea creatures. This workshop was looking at musical, imaginative play and storytelling.We played with conducting games which incorporated hand dynamics and we worked with story books. We danced and sang together too.

As I am writing up my notes for Workshop 2 of my PG Cert Project, I am thinking about the ‘Exploring Instruments & Playing with Sound’ activities that I led with Higher Arts Education students who are studying Community Music and my similar work with the children in these photographs.

Photographs Link: Creative Music Making in Nurture Groups


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