Research Questions

Research Questions

The following research questions have naturally progressed from those which I initially proposed within my Final Proposal for the Approaches to Critical Artistry module.

The overarching question, central to this project is:

  • What is the intrinsic value of the Orff Schulwerk approach to Music, Dance and Speech Education for Higher Arts Education students? In what ways is the Orff Schulwerk approach valuable and/or meaningful for HAE students?

I hope to gain greater insight, through my research, in the following questions:

  • How do I embody and share the Orff Schulwerk approach within my Creative Practice and Teaching Practice within and outwith the RCS?

Focusing on creative group music making; multi-disciplinary and collaborative processes; improvisation and musical play (free and structured music making):

  • How do I support HAE learners, as artists and as teachers, in these areas?
  • How can I make my Creative Practice and Teaching Practice in Learning and Teaching more visible? How can I document my work more clearly? [With reference to The Reggio Emilia Approach & Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School and their work together in Visible Learning (Krechevsky et al. 2013, Edwards et al. 2012)]
  • Improvisation in creative music making and musical play. Improvisation beginning in Speech, Music, Movement, Visual Art, Drama…..Why is this so valuable?

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