Thinking about the sea on the Isle of Mull

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In the lead up to and throughout the Mendelssohn on Mull Music Festival, the Mull Music Maker children combined their violin studies with exploring themes of the sea through music, dance, speech, drama and the visual arts. We looked at body percussion patterns to accompany the traditional fisherman song ‘Dance to Yer Daddy’ and we played with mime to help us tell our tales of the sea.The ‘Crab March’ and ‘Angel Fish’  activities moved between structured and improvised opportunities in both music and dance. Beautiful sea poetry was created and sea songs ‘My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean’ and ‘Fear a’ Bhàta’ (The Boatman) were shared in Scots, English and Gaelic. The children gathered special treasures from Mull’s natural coastline to create beautiful sculptures and pieces of art. New instruments were made as shells were threaded with wire and collected into bottles. These new sounds joined our wood, metal, skin and shaker percussion instruments and helped us to depict the music of the waves as we followed a graphic wave score. Our hand clapping game and ‘Tobermory’ rhyme weaved us towards a ‘Tobermory’ song and melody which the children played on violins with ostinato accompaniment from both violins and xylophones. Many wonderful violin solos and duets were also shared by the children.

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